Who are the Radical Dreamers ?

Radical Dreamer

Musically Spontaneous and visually outrageous Indie-Rock revivalists led by the charismatic Darian H.

An Alternative Singer-Songwriter project from the California's South-bay with driving Indie-Pop songs that overflow with philosophic playfulness against down to earth punk beats and psychedelic over-tones. Currently playing and working on new material in Seattle, WA”


...With just four tracks on their Radical Dreamers EP, they convey a full bodied array of emotion and even work from several planes of existence. They are bursting with so many cool and original ideas....”

Divide and Conquer- Music Reviews

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...A group of dreamers saving the past, present and future through music...”

VoyageLA Magazine

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Don't give your dreams away...

An Indie-Band In the Big-City

Long Beach's Art Rock  "Radical Dreamer" are manly comprised of singer/guitarist Darian H and a changing cast of studio/session musicians and collaborators. Recently guitarist Alec Mayne, Bassist Trevor Schiff and drummer Ryan Sutera worked on the most recent release & live-shows.

"Radical Dreamer" was formed by Darian H. in the wake of a previous rock group and has played in the LA music scene until moving to Seattle, Washington

Deciding to become more electric after being inspired by LA's legendary Indie Music scene , they worked on a debut EP with style If you are a fan of Guided by Voices mixed with Connor Oberst




Radical Dreamer Band

Alec Mayne (Left) , Trevor Schiff (Middle), Darian Hamilton (Right)

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Radical Dreamer Band

Radical Dreamer

Radical Dreamer

Darian H. of Radical Dreamer

Radical Dreamer Band

Live Show 2019